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MIUI 12 on the POCO X3 Pro is fast, fluid, and full of useful features. Ads are not there directly but they are in disguised of notifications. I feel Poco cane easily fix all the current optimization issues and they will be resolved before first sale but there are current things which make MIUI the most hated UI. Bloatware is there for sure and there are certain unwanted apps which you can’t even uninstall but definitely better than buying a Redmi or Mi device. I personally feel Poco can easily beat Realme or even Xiaomi if they start using Stock Android. If you need technical information or data sheet about the Poco x3 pro phone, you can click this link immediately.

  • The phone comes with Poco’s Liquidcool Plus technology, which utilises copper heat pipe and graphite sheets for heat dissipation.
  • Two-day battery life is idealXiaomi budget phones are known for being durable.
  • The fingerprint reader is on the side and it’s as snappy and reliable as we’d want it to be.
  • There’s no glass bar the screen cover and top-most protective camera layer.

It comes with a large 5160mah battery with support for up to 33W charging. My only complaint here is the macro and depth sensor, as both are underwhelming.

  • I didn’t emphasize camera and gaming because you can already get an idea regarding these aspects of the phone on Reddit and YouTube.
  • Once you flip them over, you will notice that these are two different phones as they look completely different from the back.
  • Just like POCO F1 which disrupted the market by providing a flagship processor, at affordable prices.
  • Compared to the previous generation POCO X3 Pro in terms of design, the new generation POCO X4 Pro is a device that is thinner, less heavy and has a better design.
  • Weighing around 215 g (7.58 oz), we can consider this phone quite hefty as well.
  • There are only a few problems, for example, I do not know the notification sound, even if I turn it off, there is no sound, no message and call sounds, that’s all.

You can also switch between 60Hz or 120Hz to increase the speed of your Android menu scrolling. The device comes with a headphone socket and stereo speakers that have good volume but not too much. The https://gravshop.com/upgrade-your-samsung-galaxy-s7-sm-g930v-with-the-2/ Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro has been used to listen to endless podcasts. The camera of the Poco X3 NFC is better than its counterpart, with 64MP compared to 48MP for the Poco X3 Pro. It tends to blur fine details and has poorer mid-tone contrasts than other cameras in its class. Should you consider buying the Poco X3 Pro, as a successor to the legendary POCO F1. Since POCO F1 was recognized as the most affordable power monster of the time, POCO X3 Pro has checked most of the boxes to continue the legacy of the F1.

baixar stock rom poco x3 pro

All of this is basically par for the course for cheap phones of course. The X3 Pro doesn’t have a versatile camera, and performance will drop fast outside of good light. But if you just need a decent point-and-shoot that’ll cover your holiday snaps and Instagram stories, this is good enough. Just know that other brands in the budget space, like Realme or Oppo, put a little more work into their snappers. If there’s a trade-off to using the older flagship silicon, it’s in networking. I’ve already mentioned that this is a 4G phone, not 5G, but you also miss out on the newer Wi-Fi 6 standard.

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